Darkness…not really Nefarious!

Darkness…not really Nefarious!

What we tend  to believe is what we see generally. But there are matters  that should not be taken as how it looks ,and rather be understood of what that tend to convey from deep inside.For me, darkness doesn’t really connect to the negativity or viciousness; it connects to much more positives.


We need not say that stars won’t shine without the darkness. Just like, failure gives the taste of success, darkness fortifies  the power of light .Every dark moment gives birth to a bright one.

The dark side of us is not really nefarious, it’s  a different side of us which just brings out the much suppressed discontent or inability in an aggressive  fashion. Not just this, it also sometimes is just an audacious form of ours. All that matters is our perception about darkness.For me darkness holds the beauty, the inspiration and the power. I await the darkness to the extent I long for brightness.It gets me that what probably the light can’t.




Had people followed the forbidding rules, our world would have missed on-



Nelson Mandela

Mahatma Gandhi

Martin Luther

and the list goes on.

Of course ,there has to be some restrictions as an individual, that we got to limit ourselves to, for our own good.But these restrictions should not be a reason for not embarking upon a journey to great achievement, which might bring in change for good. For every breaking of rule or doing what we are stopped from, the world has come up with an innovation and a great leader to be aspired and admired. Every great personality has his own set of belief, but one thing that remains common to all is to do what they intuit. And, what they intuit is generally what they are forbidden from.

So, I believe, there are two categories of people- one, who are the afraid of going beyond the said limit, and other, are the achievers.

This reminds me of a beautiful quote which might be a bit relevant to what I discussed.

Here goes the quote-








Walking down the street ,not really scared,

the kid’s afraid of , what all has to be bared?

No mother, no father, no body around,

to keep him just… safe and sound.

Searching for food has been a task all day,

with barely any clothes on… on this rainy day.

Struggling day long, where the day deoesn’t end,

yet such a beauty in him, desires goodness to send.

With nothing but a smile on his face,

He survives the life’s long race.

Gazing at the sky, imagining a sunshine,

the kid still hopes …’a day will be mine’.

Deprived of all the worldly needs, to sustain,

Still is not deprived of the ardent will …to gain!

Blessed is the kid with the almighty’s might,

for he  isn’t deprived of, what the we are of!!!



Michael Zajkov’s freakishly realistic dolls!

Michael Zajkov’s freakishly realistic dolls!

Ever seen a small figurine, handmade, implausibly realistic that one might confuse it with a real individual?  MICHAEL JAZKOV’s creation, his realistic dolls, has left people awestruck with their astoundingly realistic appearance. Talking about these dolls , Michael has himself agreed that few of the people actually find them creepy, since they look so real.

    Michael Zajkov,a Russian artist, is a professional sculptor with a high degree of education. He completed his graduation in 2009 with majors in graphics arts and specialization in sculpturing from Kuban State University. He worked as a sculptor in a puppet theater in the years 2010-2013, while he also attended a graduation school. He also learned sewing under a fashion  designed named Irina Kuzyomina. Having learned so much, Michael has mastered the skills all required for making these beautiful, realistic dolls.

  Michael first came into fame when he introduced his dolls to world at 4th international exhibition ‘Art Dolls’ in Moscow in december 2013. To the exhibition, he brought his five dolls named-Anastasia, Antonnia, Zoe, Nina and Zenia which were the talking point in the exhibition . He says he got the inspiration of creating these dolls from the doll makers- Laura Scottoline and Anne Milrani. Apart from this, his creations are inspiration from different paintings and sketches.

    These dolls are dressed in the vintage look of around 1910-1915 and are approximately 70 cm long. Every inch of them has been made intricately with detailed attention on it. The astounding part of this is that these dolls are made up of simply clay! Clay which the artist generally uses is Fimo and cermit. The dolls have 13 movable joints that allows posture change, like sitting dolls with their knees bent. Eyes of these dolls are made of hand painted German glass. The wigs are made of high quality French mohair.Their body is painted such that it looks like real flesh. Clothes worn by them are again sewn by the artist which are generally stitched up of voile, silk,and antique lace. This doesn’t stop here, the leather shoes that they sport are also made by Michael.

                          Here are these beautiful creations by Michael Zajkov.

michael zajkov,s realistic doll

michael zajkov,s realistic doll

michael zajkov,s realistic doll
Michael Zajkov with his dolls at an exhibition.

michael zajkov,s realistic doll

      michael zajkov,s realistic doll

    michael zajkov,s realistic doll

michael zajkov,s realistic dolldoll 4   michael zajkov,s realistic doll michael zajkov,s realistic doll

michael zajkov,s realistic doll

       Unfortunately, to all the admirers of these creations, these are NOT FOR SALE. These can be only picked up by the collectors who visit the exhibition wherein these are displayed.The artist has also started his work on boy figurines and very soon we would have the pleasure to see them. Just to mention about the fan following of Michael’s creation, he has over million followers in different social websites like Facebook, Instagram,etc. also many bloggers around the world have added to his fan base.

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Picture credits: Google images.