Darkness…not really Nefarious!

Darkness…not really Nefarious!

What we tend  to believe is what we see generally. But there are matters  that should not be taken as how it looks ,and rather be understood of what that tend to convey from deep inside.For me, darkness doesn’t really connect to the negativity or viciousness; it connects to much more positives.


We need not say that stars won’t shine without the darkness. Just like, failure gives the taste of success, darkness fortifies  the power of light .Every dark moment gives birth to a bright one.

The dark side of us is not really nefarious, it’s  a different side of us which just brings out the much suppressed discontent or inability in an aggressive  fashion. Not just this, it also sometimes is just an audacious form of ours. All that matters is our perception about darkness.For me darkness holds the beauty, the inspiration and the power. I await the darkness to the extent I long for brightness.It gets me that what probably the light can’t.



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